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16 Sep

So traveling? Ok, you need to go through the lines of the airport.  Take off your shoes and belts and anything that might set off the alarms.  We all know that this is going to happen and basically we are okay with it.  It’s for our safety and maybe standing in line for this is a small price to pay.  Then you go in sit by your gate for 2 hours because that’s how early you are supposed to be there.  Now as you are sitting there, you are looking out the window waiting for your plane to pull up.  Hey it’s finally there and you at least know you are going to leave (or board) on time.  Now get this, we get this announcement that although our plane is there the crew isn’t.  Finally the crew is there, we figure maybe 20 minutes late for our 1:40 departure.  Nope!  Waited for over an hour and a half then they have the nerve to rush people to get on board.  Then you sit in these seats that if you are bigger than normal, hey hope the flight is short…don’t push that seat back or the person behind you has squished knees.  Not a pillow or blanket in sight!  WTF  Then they tell you if you need to use the rest room DON’T use the one in the front of the plane, go to the back…yeah right.

The refreshments….LOL, a half of a can of soda.  I don’t mean they pour you a half of a can, I mean it’s literally a half of a can.  Of course you could buy booze AND nuts and cookies.  What you thought you still got that little bag of pretzels or nuts.  Come on, you have to pay for them.  Then if you don’t mind paying that $3.00 when you do ask for them, THEY DON’T have them.  Unfreakingbelievable right?  All this shit after you had to pay $25 for your luggage to be put on this plane.  The airline personnel are not the friendliest.  To be honest, I’m not really sure why they are there other than to give you that little bitty bit of soda and then to walk around and collect you empty cups.  Ask for a cup of ice (because you brought your own soda on) and watch the dirty looks you get.

Now the airlines are saying they have to raise the prices.  Really?  Really?  Why?  The plane I was on had 2 seats on each side and it was packed.  My original flight was cancelled because it wasn’t packed. So you know if every single seat isn’t sold they re-book you to a later flight so that they can have a full flight.  Don’t tell me it’s the price of fuel because we all pay it.  You know maybe if they treated the passengers like we mattered and not like pack mules people wouldn’t mind paying more money for the flight but they aren’t giving you a damn thing for it.  You get on, sit down and you go.  At least years ago you at least felt like they were giving you something for your money.  Hell even the bag of pretzels was something.

Go to any airport and you will see why they have to raise their prices.  It’s not like before.  It’s not crowded, not like you have to stand in those long lines to check in.  Maybe that should be their first clue.  You can only push so far before people start pushing back.  Yeah you get us there faster, and maybe to the west coast (or east coast depending on your location) but the train is looking better and better to me.  Maybe my next vacation will be that way and you know, I’ve never been on a cruise.

So to those CEOs of those airlines that thinks people will keep paying your prices for services that are well below PAR, you should look around to those airlines that are no longer in business.  People save all year for a vacation and it’s not to pad your bankroll.


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16 Sep

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